Meet our team of talented developers and solution architects.

Aine Hickey

Backend engineer

I maintain the Exivity API. love writing clean, reusable and maintainable code following coding standards and using design patterns.

In my free time, I love to go camping and explore new places. When I get home, I enjoy memory keeping and scrap booking my adventures. And anything involving beer.

Anca Zugravu

Technical writer

I take care of the technical documentation at Exivity. I love writing articles, creating diagrams, editing. My main goal is to communicate complex technical topics in an easier manner, suitable for different audiences.

In my free time, you can find me painting, doing digital art, reading books or learning a new language.

Bart Evers

Bart Evers

Backend engineer

Cage Spence

Cage Spence

UX engineer

I'm a creative front-end developer focused on optimizing user experience. Design driven by data, interfaces with pleasing aesthetics, and clean maintainable code are my main principles.

Likes to spend free time by: creating an unnecessary amount of playlists in Spotify, sketching in my notebook, and reading keeps me occupied in my down time. I'll never miss an opportunity for good company and a beer.


Backend engineer

I make sure the Exivity API is running smoothly.

Working on developing software for people or companies in Finance, HR and IT in the last 10 years, I am an professional Backend Developer with some mixed feelings about Frontend. But I learnt to never say never.

My spare time is a combination of spending quality time with family and friends, working for open source projects and playing handball for U.S. Amsterdam.

Dmitri Cernolev

Dmitri Cernolev

Solution architect

Eddy Deegan

Co-founder & Lead
backend engineer

With over 35 years of coding experience and 20 years industry experience, 15 of which were spent working all over the world for Silicon Valley startups I've learned a few tricks. I like solving problems in creative ways.

An ex professional musician (first as a concert pianist and then in a touring rock band), I now compose and record synthesizer-based music in my home studio.

Fokke de Noord

Solution architect

Translating the customers wishes and needs to an Exivity implementation. 40+ years in automation. From programming to networks. Since 2014 in metering and billing.

Also: hiking, playing poker and wood working.

Han Kortekaas

Han Kortekaas

Backend engineer

Coming from academia (neuroscience) and arts (contemporary dance) I've circled my way to software five years ago where I get to combine both intellect and creativity.

There's a good chance that you'll find me in the garden, growing some veg and fruit following permaculture principles. But you might also catch me building wooden furniture or fermenting some of the fruit and veg 🍾.

Michiel de Vos

Michiel de Vos

Frontend engineer

Steffen Exler

DevOps Engineer

I'm a Golang & DevOps engineer who likes to automate the cloud 🚀
. In my free time I like to do outdoor sports like kayaking, bicycling, and camping.

Tim Rab

Head of Product &

Having over 15 years of experience with IT consulting at enterprise organisations around the world, I'm a pragmatic and result oriented IT professional. At Exivity I'm in control of our roadmap and making sure the development priorities are set right. In addition to being the Scrum Product Owner, I'm leading a team of highly skilled Solution Architects to give our clients a world class onboarding and customer support experience.

In my spare time I like to ride long distances on my road bike on the "Dutch mountains" as well as the Alps ;-).

Tim van Leuverden

Tim van

Backend developer &

I'm designing and building the new backend for Exivity. I've worked on different systems in different branches, from Government project management to webshops.

Xiangyi Sun

Front-end developer

I am a curiosity-driven Front-end developer, passionate about turning a simple idea into a beautiful design, to then be a functional application.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, taking care of my plants. And always try to stay active, cycling is my go-to activity.


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