🐱‍💻 In development

Kubernetes support
Full support for running the entire Exivity stack in a Kubernetes environment
New insights report
We will integrate the existing Accounts, Services and Instances reports into a single report while maintaining all existing drill-down and filtering capabilities. This will improve the overall user experience when using the reporting functionality in the GUI.

🔮 Planning

Improved error reporting
Add more error codes to workflows, to support different status and support to ability to continue depending on the severity of the error
Automatic syncing of metadata
Automatically update metadata of accounts and/or services based on extracted data in transformers.
Anomaly detection
A new feature will be added which is able to detect anomalies in usage data using historical data and/or budgets as reference. There will be options for flagging anomalies as expected or unexpected and for configuring notification based on detected anomalies.
Run long-running jobs in the background
Long-running jobs currently run with limited visibility of their progress and status in the API and GUI. We'll improve this with the ability to run these jobs asynchronously and add a real-time interface for getting updates on long-running jobs.

🎁 Released

Rate tiers
Tiering was already supported via Transformers but we aim to extend support for Standard and Inherited tiering using simplified deployment model, which would enable administrators to use the Rates UI interface for adding new tiers.
Available since
Highly available scheduler
Rewrite of the scheduler to support the new message bus architecture and add the ability to run on multiple nodes at the same time
Available since
Cost summary report notification
The ability of a user to receive a cost summary report
Available since
Administrator managed notifications
Administrators can manage users notifications in the user manager
Available since
Service oriented architecture
Moving towards a service oriented architecture using RabbitMQ
Available since
Webhook notification channel
A new webhook notification channel. When used will post a JSON payload to a custom webhook URL.
Available since
Budget notifications
Support sending out notifications when a budget threshold is met
Available since
Data aware report filters
Making the report filters more intelligent to avoid selecting filters that do not apply to the report data
Available since
Attachments with workflow notifications
Ability to include files as attachments with a workflow notification (i.e. for exception handling)
Available since
Custom Attributes for SAML2
Currently, a single SAML2 attribute (email) is used and linked to an Exivity account. This feature will enable administrators to customize the SAML2 attributes that are being used for populating Exivity user names, e-mail addresses, and display names.
Available since
Claims-based account access provisioning
The ability to automatically map SAML2 users to relevant accounts in Exivity, based on SAML2 response key/values
Available since
Ordering of adjustments
At this time, Adjustments are applied in the order of which they are created. We aim to add support for users to re-arrange the order of Adjusments, such that the order of how Adjustments are applied is controllable.
Available since
Interface translations
Extended support for translating the Exivity user interface to custom languages
Available since
Service metadata
The ability to manage meta data with services in similar way how this is done currently with Accounts
Available since
Global variables
The ability to manage variables independently of scripts to make it easier to transfer Extractor and Transformer scripts between various different systems such as in a DTAP street
Available since
Service subscription management
The ability to manage contracts and subscriptions for recurring charges without a defined and/or usage based data source
Available since
Additional security measures
An extra layer of security policies on various levels in the product
Available since
Usage breakdown
Show usage breakdown in reports for monthly services
Available since
Parallel workflow step execution
When configured, workflow steps can be executed in parallel resulting in faster workflows.
Available since
Add columns to report screens
Add columns with account and services properties to details tables in report screens.
Available since
LDAP authentication
Add an optional LDAP backend to username/password authentication
Available since
Management of Budgets on a per customer / account level
Available since
Transformer preview
Add an option to run a transformer in preview mode, not making any changes to the state of the system.
Available since