Providing a single bill of IT

You have read how we can satisfy the desire to control your hybrid or multi-cloud costs, but how do we provide the single bill of IT?


Exivity incorporates a flexible field-configurable extractor component enabling integration with virtually any end-point. As long as network connectivity is available, consumption, lookup and other data can be extracted for subsequent processing. As a result, extractors for custom data sources can be created with little effort.


Exivity ships with a powerful ETL engine which empowers you to normalise, enrich and apply business logic to collected data. This enables the automation of complex billing rules resulting in streamlined workflows.


Our responsive, modern interface provides graphical and textual reports out-of-the-box. Graphical reports are interactive, providing filtering and drill-down controls. Invoice-style reports present the final charges in a printer and customer-friendly format. Multiple users can be created, each having fine-grained access to subsets of the data in the system.


In addition to extracting from external data sources, we can also push data back to them. This is useful for requirements such as the exporting of charge information resulting from Exivity’s internal processing to an ERP system, the pushing of raw usage data into a Self Service portal or any number of other use cases. These features are also accessible with a REST API.


Exivity can be run either on-premises or in the cloud. To scale to very large data volumes, multiple instances of Exivity can be deployed to distribute the overall workload and the final results pushed to a central location for reporting purposes.

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