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Not familiar yet with Consolidated Usage Peak Records? Read more here.

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A minimal commit of 2000 CUPR  applies.
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Exivity Pricing Model

How does the Exivity Subscription licensing model work?

When counting records of consumption,  Exivity considers the largest day during the month for each Unique Data Set (i.e. Azure, VMware, etc). This metric is called "Consolidated Usage Peak Records" (CUPR) and are determined as follows:

Consider the following basic example:

The Cloud Service Provider ACME Corp. is using the Exivity software solution, and processes on a daily basis Azure Stack and Office 365 usage consumption records. The above graph shows their Consolidated Usage Peak Records for September, where:

  1. Azure Stack is 1386 CUPR
  2. Office 365 peak is 1094 CUPR

Which makes a total of 2480 CUPR for the month of September. Since this is less then 3000 CUPR. Their bill for September will therefore be:

  • € 999 for every 1000 CUPR, for a total of € 2997 for the month of September.

Included with all license models:

Unlimited users
Unlimited extractors
Unlimited transformers
No limits on annual cloud spend
API access
Standard Support
Free upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how many Consolidated Usage Peak Records I'll consume

We've got your back! Just drop us an e-mail, and we'll assist you with initial estimations. Also you're free to run a 1 month trial, which will allow you to better understanding your Consolidation Peak Usage. But don't worry - you'll always pay a fair price.

Don't you have a general rule of thumb for estimating my CUPR?

Sure, as a general rule of thumb, you can estimate your Consolidated Usage Peak Records as folows:


If, on average, your customers consume 10 different services, and you have a 100 customers with on average 4 Unique Instances (VM's, License Bundles, etc) your estimated CUPR will be 4 000. However, this should be considered as a very rough estimate. Actual numbers are very much dependent on your specific use case. 


Will I be charged any additional fees?

For the price you pay corresponding to your Consolidated Peak Usage Records, you'll get all features from the Exivity product. 

What payments do you accept?

You'll receive your Exivity bill every 3rd of the month for the previous month. Payment are due within 30 days, and need to be done via wire transfer. Credit card payments are not supported at this time.

Do you offer consultancy services?

Absolutely! We have a long term experience with advising and implementing cloud metering and billing solutions. Feel free to contact us, if you want us to assist you in any way.

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