Exivity can seamlessly integrate with any data source. Whether on premise or in a public cloud, the flexible Exivity data extraction engine support a wide range of sources. And if we don't have a template for your data source, we will create one for you. Or: you can even create your own data extraction templates. Below are some examples of data sources for which we have a template available. If you don't see your data source listed, please drop us an e-mail.

Exivity is a metering and billing software solution for public and private cloud environments that allows you to report on cloud consumption from any IT resource. Exivity enables you to apply your MSP/CSP business rules and makes any type of pay-as-you-go model work. It also facilitates internal charge-back and show-back requirements for Enterprise IT.

Use our vCenter and vCloud templates to obtain usage metrics from VMware

Use our Red Hat Openshift template to obtain usage metrics from your Openshift Container stack

Microsoft Azure EA, CSP and Stack are all fully supported by Exivity

Exivity supports cost and usage reporting on AWS using both AWS DBR as well as CUR data sources. Get started with our data extraction templates today.

Obtain usage or lookup data from a custom Microsoft SQL Server

Exivity can integrate with every Kubernetes and Prometheus API for obtaining consumption metrics on pods, namespaces, projects and containers

ServiceNow typically provides CMDB data for mapping consumption records to customers, contracts or business units.

Integrate Exivity with your Google Cloud account to obtain consumption and billing insights into your GC account

Exivity integrates with Nutanix Prism Central for obtaining VM consumption data

Integrate Exivity with your Veeam backup infrastructure to enable charge back and billing for backup jobs and storage

Connect to the ECB API for currency transformations

Integrate with Panko, Ceilometer, Monesca or Gnocchi for Openstack to obtain consumption based metrics which drive your metered based business. Or use the standard Nova and Cinder REST API endpoints to obtain realtime resource information. Exivity will able to fit the needs of your business.

Use our Oracle VM Manager template to obtain Virtual Machine based usage metrics from your Oracle VM infrastructure.

Exivity offers an integration module for RedFish to support Bare Metal as Service business modelsĀ of any flavor.

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