Cost and usage reporting for efficient financial insights

Customer Story

DataManagement Professionals, founded in 2007, provides storage,
protection and data management solutions. With 70 employees in 8
countries and over 500 customers there was a need to automate
billing and obtain insights into cost and usage for reporting purposes.


DataManagement Professionals and Exivity already had a good relationship. With a requirement for automation and insights into cost and usage, Exivity was the ideal choice of partner. The partnership was established in January 2018 with DMP becoming one of the early adopters of Exivity.

So far, DataManagement Professionals and approximately 50 of their clients have been using Exivity.


DataManagement Professionals was using spreadsheets to visualize usage and costs. This process required multiple employees due to the complexity and overhead associated with collecting, transforming and uploading information for over 500 cloud customers. As well as a time-consuming activity it had a high chance of error because of its manual nature.

There was a need to automate these business processes in order to generate reports on billing and usage in minutes and seconds as opposed to hours and days.

Benefits Realized

  • Full billing automation
  • Insights into usage
  • Deployable on each account
  • Clear overviews of consumption on a per-customer basis

Delivering Billing & Reporting Solutions for Hybrid IT Environments. On-Premise and in the Cloud.


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