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Cloud is everywhere but so is the need to have in-depth insights into your personal finances. This got us thinking as Exivity is the world’s most flexible cloud metering & billing solution for on-premises, hybrid and public cloud resources and we mean it because it is also deployable for personal use. With some creative ways and a non-standard procedure, our team at Exivity has found a way to deploy Exivity for personal financial insight into monthly credit card expenditure.

The Exivity GUI can also read your personal finances such as your credit card statements over time as seen in the example above. The legend is fully customizable to give insights into your monthly spending per category. By adding a lookup file, you are also able to map statement ids to friendly names. Exivity will read, for example, “ASDA SUPERSTORE BRIGHTON” and “ASDA SUPERSTORE MARINA B’TON” from your statements. These could be adapted with a lookup file to categorize every ASDA statement under “Asda”. Next, to that, you will have insight into the spending per category, sub-categories, per company or everything in one overview.  It can all be metered, with individual services and each service has a unit charge of `1`, so the quantity for each record maps to the cost for that record.

Exivity gets access to the data via an input CSV datasheet in the form of:


On top of this, you will have to add a lookup file to Exivity yourself if you’d like to. The next step involves the transform which is really simple. Please contact us at support@exivity.com if you would like to receive the documentation on how to perform the transform.

Get access to our document highlighting all the tips and tricks on how you can start to optimise your cloud using the free tools from Amazon and Microsoft here: http://eepurl.com/gksnlD

We are always here to assist you should you have any questions or require guidance. Just drop us an email at support@exivity.com.


With cloud in high demand and IoT at an all-time high, more and more Enterprise organizations and Service Providers are starting to either use Hybrid cloud providers or sell them. Most of the times, they also tend to pick many different types of cloud providers, depending on the intended use case. You would expect that they also have efficient systems in place to track usage, spending and to compile accurate chargeback/showback report. Yet, we have seen many companies struggle with getting these insights and invoicing processes aligned.

Many companies still juggle around complex excel sheets to compile their monthly billing or chargeback reports. This is a very time-consuming and inefficient process as it requires the attention of multiple employees. Instead of having the entire process streamlined and finished within a few button clicks, these companies deal with the overhead associated with collecting, transforming and uploading off all cloud customers. In general, they have more than 500 cloud customers. As you can imagine, this becomes very time-consuming and when done manually, let’s not forget the chance of error.

At Exivity, we were amazed that this is still a problem in 2019. The human element should be left out in the entire process. Rather, by using Exivity, you can automate your entire IT delivery.  Exivity will obtain all available metrics in your cloud model and collect every type of file format and process it for you. This can be fulfilled organization-wide or per data cost centre. With only a few button clicks, you have all insights into your customer’s usage and spending in one tool without having to deal with the overheads associated with this process. With only one extra click, it will generate your chargeback/showback reports as well. Exivity can be deployed on-premise datacenter IT resources, hybrid IT resources and public cloud resources.

Leave the complex CSV files behind and be frustrated about other cloud components.

Get access to our document highlighting all the tips and tricks on how you can start to optimise your cloud using the free tools from Amazon and Microsoft. Get access here: http://eepurl.com/gksnlD

We are always here to assist you should you have any questions or require guidance. Just drop us an email at support@exivity.com.

Exivity live on the Amazon Marketplace

We’re excited to announce today that we’re live on the Amazon Marketplace. The Exivity solution was already available on both the Azure Public Marketplace as well as the Azure Stack Marketplace. But as of today, users of the AWS platform can now easily deploy our solution from the AWS Marketplace. When deploying thru the AWS Marketplace, you are guaranteed to get the latest version of Exivity installed & ready to use within a few minutes. And of course we allow you to run a free trial with our software so you can test it properly before buying.

Since we have a BOYL model,  we don’t charge license costs thru AWS. Therefore you’ll  only need to pay EC2 instance charges during your trial period. Once you have decided to move forward with the Exivity software, simply get in contact with support@exivity.com, and request for a permanent license.

In case you want to report on usage and costs for AWS, check out the following tutorial to get started for AWS based Cost & Usage Reporting: https://docs.exivity.com/getting-started/tutorials/amazon-aws-stack. But it doesn’t stop there: we allow you to also connect to other clouds like Azure CSP, Office 365 and Azure EA. Or you can connect to on premise resources like VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V, Zerto, Commvault and many other. The integration capabilities are endless.

We are always here to assist you should you have any questions or require guidance. Just drop us an email at support@exivity.com.

Exivity Live on Azure Stack Marketplace

Exivity are very pleased to announce that as of today Exivity is live on the Microsoft Azure Stack Marketplace. The Azure Stack Marketplace is distinct from the Public Azure Marketplace and separate test and acceptance processes needed to be completed before Microsoft approved the offering.

This is because Azure Stack can run offline in “disconnected mode”, so the availability of an internet connection cannot be assumed. Also some features that are available in the public version of Azure are not available in the on-premises version. Since Exivity is public, private or hybrid compatible the on boarding process went smoothly.

We get often requests from companies asking for help getting cost and usage insights across their hybrid cloud infrastructure including, though not limited to, Azure Stack and with Exivity now available on the Azure Stack Marketplace it will be much easier for them to get billing automation up and in running within their Azure Stack infrastructure.

The Azure Stack Marketplace offering provides a quick head-start with Exivity and the product can be explored further by deploying the Azure Stack Template Extractor and Transformer. After you’ve deployed our offering we recommend you reference our Azure Stack integration tutorial in order to learn more about loading Azure Stack consumption data into Exivity.

We are always here to assist you should you have any questions or require guidance. Just drop us an email at support@exivity.com.


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2018 is coming to an end and unfortunately, there are still organizations struggling with costs for cloud deployments. Big public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services rely on the accuracy of the information provided by users.

Overlooked services, usage spikes and outages can heavily impact your cloud bill negatively. In some cases, you are even missing out on revenue. In order to have accuracy you need insights into consumption. Multi-cloud environments also come with a lot of complexity from which three key questions emerge:

  1. How do I control my cloud costs?
  2. How do I get accurate up-to-date data instead of having to rely on estimates?
  3. How can I automate this entire process?

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Providing a single bill of IT

You have read how we can satisfy the desire to control your hybrid or multi-cloud costs, but how do we provide the single bill of IT?


Exivity incorporates a flexible field-configurable extractor component enabling integration with virtually any end-point. As long as network connectivity is available, consumption, lookup and other data can be extracted for subsequent processing. As a result, extractors for custom data sources can be created with little effort.


Exivity ships with a powerful ETL engine which empowers you to normalise, enrich and apply business logic to collected data. This enables the automation of complex billing rules resulting in streamlined workflows.

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Exivity’s metering and billing comprehensively satisfies this desire with ease.

“IT automation and Hybrid IT are the second and third highest priority of IT managers in 2018. ”

TechTarget IT priorities 2018 survey

With hybrid-cloud computing on the rise, a big issue on the agenda is cost management. A hybrid-cloud environment introduces significant billing challenges. 42% of participants in an Enterprise Management Survey indicated a desire to control cloud costs. Using Exivity, cloud financial cost insights and billing automation become a breeze a mere few days after installation.

Here at Exivity we are well aware of the problems associated with multi-cloud computing and our product is engineered to make it as simple as possible for you to solve these challenges. We are an experienced team with over 6 years of experience in the hybrid cloud metering and billing market and will guide you step by step along the way.

More cloud means more billing and each environment has different challenges. To address these challenges Exivity can be deployed within your on-prem, public or hybrid cloud environments as a billing tool capable of satisfying virtually any IT service delivery model.

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