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Providing a single bill of IT

You have read how we can satisfy the desire to control your hybrid or multi-cloud costs, but how do we provide the single bill of IT?


Exivity incorporates a flexible field-configurable extractor component enabling integration with virtually any end-point. As long as network connectivity is available, consumption, lookup and other data can be extracted for subsequent processing. As a result, extractors for custom data sources can be created with little effort.


Exivity ships with a powerful ETL engine which empowers you to normalise, enrich and apply business logic to collected data. This enables the automation of complex billing rules resulting in streamlined workflows.

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Is your data dirty?

A credible cloud billing solution must be able to provide insightful breakdowns of charges. In addition to per-customer reports it should be possible to ‘slice and dice’ data at deeper levels such that the total spend can be dynamically visualised using arbitrary combinations of criteria such as business unit, region, project and resource group to name only a few.

Ultimately this process is completely dependent on the initial data imported into the system. The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” is particularly apposite when generating financial reports. However with the right tools, knowledge and techniques it may be surprising what can be accomplished with data that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to report against.

Here at Exivity we use the term dirty data to describe information that is not well-formed, which is inconsistent or has holes in it. Typically, dirty data is interleaved within well-formed data and as such needs to be identified and dealt with as it occurs.

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