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With cloud in high demand and IoT at an all-time high, more and more Enterprise organizations and Service Providers are starting to either use Hybrid cloud providers or sell them. Most of the times, they also tend to pick many different types of cloud providers, depending on the intended use case. You would expect that they also have efficient systems in place to track usage, spending and to compile accurate chargeback/showback report. Yet, we have seen many companies struggle with getting these insights and invoicing processes aligned.

Many companies still juggle around complex excel sheets to compile their monthly billing or chargeback reports. This is a very time-consuming and inefficient process as it requires the attention of multiple employees. Instead of having the entire process streamlined and finished within a few button clicks, these companies deal with the overhead associated with collecting, transforming and uploading off all cloud customers. In general, they have more than 500 cloud customers. As you can imagine, this becomes very time-consuming and when done manually, let’s not forget the chance of error.

At Exivity, we were amazed that this is still a problem in 2019. The human element should be left out in the entire process. Rather, by using Exivity, you can automate your entire IT delivery.  Exivity will obtain all available metrics in your cloud model and collect every type of file format and process it for you. This can be fulfilled organization-wide or per data cost centre. With only a few button clicks, you have all insights into your customer’s usage and spending in one tool without having to deal with the overheads associated with this process. With only one extra click, it will generate your chargeback/showback reports as well. Exivity can be deployed on-premise datacenter IT resources, hybrid IT resources and public cloud resources.

Leave the complex CSV files behind and be frustrated about other cloud components.

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