We're serious about talent.

We are frequently looking for highly skilled developers and we're currently in 100% remote mode. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on new job openings.

About Exivity

Exivity is a fast-growing young company that provides big enterprises and managed service providers with a software solution for measuring cloud consumption and applying business analytics.

The power of Exivity is that our software is blazing fast and that we can process and enrich virtually any data source in a hybrid cloud environment (that means public and private combined).

Front-end developer (TS)

We’re looking for a skilled and creative front-end developer who is comfortable with writing modern TypeScript. One of your main responsibilities will be to coordinate the development of our GUI. You’ll be working with several 3rd party libraries, the most important being React, Redux and Orbit.js. But our `yarn list` is quite a bit longer.

Front-end developer (UI/UX)

We’re looking for a skilled and creative front-end developer with an affinity for UI/UX design. You are comfortable with HTML, CSS and JS. Being both a developer and a designer, you make a user interface both intuitive to use and beautiful. Typography, negative space, interaction design, accessibility, design systems. These all have a place in your toolbox. If we're lucky React is in there, too.

We're a tech startup

  • Microservices architecture
  • Deploy with docker & bare-bones
  • One-click builds
  • Typescript and Go for new projects
  • Choose your own tools & platform
  • Plenty of time to experiment

We're a social startup

  • Good coffee, amazing lunches
  • Friday drinks & pizza
  • Play table tennis and Oculus Rift
  • We value creative thinking and original design
  • Plenty opportunity to take on a senior developer role
  • Competitive salary