Do you have the desire to control your hybrid or multi cloud costs?

Published on November 25, 2018
Written by Erwin Keijzer
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Exivity’s metering and billing comprehensively satisfies this desire with ease.

“IT automation and Hybrid IT are the second and third highest priority of IT managers in 2018.”
TechTarget IT priorities 2018 survey

With hybrid-cloud computing on the rise, a big issue on the agenda is cost management. A hybrid-cloud environment introduces significant billing challenges. 42% of participants in an Enterprise Management Survey indicated a desire to control cloud costs. Using Exivity, cloud financial cost insights and billing automation become a breeze a mere few days after installation.

Here at Exivity we are well aware of the problems associated with multi-cloud computing and our product is engineered to make it as simple as possible for you to solve these challenges. We are an experienced team with over 6 years of experience in the hybrid cloud metering and billing market and will guide you step by step along the way.

More cloud means more billing and each environment has different challenges. To address these challenges Exivity can be deployed within your on-prem, public or hybrid cloud environments as a billing tool capable of satisfying virtually any IT service delivery model.

About Exivity

In addition to services provided by the cloud Exivity can retrieve data from other systems such as a CMDB and use this supplementary information to create custom services such as SLA levels, worker-hours, anti-virus, security scanning and any other overlaid offerings.

As well as obtaining control over their assets via detailed financial insights and automated billing, our customers use Exivity to detect anomalies and feed billing information into their back-end processes. Our team is available to guide you through the entire process.

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