Azure Stack Billing Automation with Exivity

Exivity provides a metering and billing solution which supports any IT service delivery model for on-premises data centres, hybrid IT and public cloud resources. It gives you control over your assets and financial insight to automate your IT delivery.

Azure Stack Consumption

Exivity provides a flexible solution which can integrate with virtually any data source. We provide integration templates for Azure EA, Azure CSP and Azure Stack to enable retrieval of consumption data directly from whichever source is required.

Powerful Transformations

Exivity incorporates a powerful ETL engine for normalising, enriching and applying expressive business logic to data. This enables you to translate complex billing rules into automatic workflows. Exivity can extract VM Size types and other tags from Azure Stack that can be used to populate your service catalogue and define your service offering, with support for customer specific rates. In addition to the standard VM sizing information (A1, D2 etc) extracted from Azure Stack, Exivity can define new services based wholly or in part on those standard sizes.

Ready Made Reports

Our responsive modern interface provides graphical and textual reports out the box. These include interactive reports with comprehensive drill-down functionality, as well as cost and invoice-style reports for monthly billing purposes.

Enterprise Integrations

As well as retrieving data from any data source Exivity can also feed external systems. Example use-cases include exporting report information into an ERP system, or usage data into your Customer Self Service Portal. Of course Exivity also provides a REST API interface which enables you to pull in all of our data into any other system for further processing.


Exivity can be installed and run on a single VM as an on-premise software solution or can be obtained from the Azure Market Place and deployed in the cloud.

Delivering Billing & Reporting Solutions for Hybrid IT Environments. On-Premise and in the Cloud.


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