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Exivity provides a metering and billing solution which covers any IT service delivery model, from on prem datacenter IT resource, hybrid IT resource and public cloud resources. It gives you control over your assets and financial insight to automate your IT delivery.

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Exivity is attending Microsoft Inspire 2018 and we would love to meet you there. If you want to learn more about our solution and how we integrate with various Microsoft products, contact us.

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Exivity automates IT billing

Cloud is everywhere. Whether it’s on-premise, in data centers or via public cloud offerings: more and more Enterprise organizations and Service Providers are either using hybrid cloud solutions or selling them. They also tend to pick many different types of cloud providers, depending on the intended use case. Maybe you run your production environment on premise in VMware, your dev in Azure, test in AWS and your acceptance infrastructure runs on OpenStack. Maybe you sell Office365, Azure CSP from the Public Cloud and IaaS from you On-Premise Data Center. That's all great, but how do you track usage and spending? And how do you compile accurate chargeback/showback reports? Or how do you invoice your resellers and customers correctly? At Exivity we know how difficult this can be.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen many companies struggle with getting these insights and invoicing processes aligned. Many companies are still juggling around complex Excel sheets to compile their monthly billing or chargeback reports. Creating those reports takes a huge amount of time, and the manual nature of the process can be considered a huge risk from both data quality and auditability perspectives. Not to mention: how do you obtain all those different metrics? And most of them use different file formats and formatting; how to process them? Luckily there’s Exivity. Get in contact with us now and we will tell you all about it.

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We're looking for a driven JS/React developer

We’re looking for a skilled and creative front-end developer who is comfortable with writing modern Javascript and is up to date with the latest developments in the React ecosystem.

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Exivity is now available on the Amazon Marketplace

Users of the AWS platform can now easily deploy our solution from the AWS Marketplace. When deploying thru the AWS Marketplace, you are guaranteed to get the latest version of Exivity installed & ready to use within a few minutes


From zero to invoice

We've defined 6 steps to successfully implement a automated hybrid IT billing strategy. They are simple and straightforward; but its required for securing your success story - from zero to invoice.

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